© chris s howard PhotoID# 15445274: A Tour of Canton        slide show (20)
Here I give a brief photographic tour of Canton, Ohio, my hometown; featuring the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the monument to former President William McKinley, who was born here.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15297936: Faces of Canton        slide show (60)
This is my main portrait gallery, it features people from all over my hometown of Canton, Ohio. This niche is known as portraits of strangers and is exactly what that states; I see someone that sticks out from the norm in one way or another and simply ask them if I can take their photo. So far I would say 3/4 say yes, with varying degrees of excitement. Some are very enthusiastic, others just want to get rod of me lol. But even most who decline do so politely, only a small percentage act offended or bothered; I don't let them get to me, just a price you pay when dealing with the public. I have truly enjoyed this project, it has helped me grow not only as a photographer but as a person. I have always been on the shy side, and still am in a way, but Faces of Canton has really enabled me to crawl out of my shell and be more relaxed around strangers.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15361229: Faces of Stark State        slide show (60)
This is a sub category of my Faces of Canton series; these photos ALL feature students, faculty, and staff of Stark State College of Technology here in Canton, Ohio.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15181179: Diecast models        slide show (59)
One of my original photography niches; here I take scale models, mostly 1/24 but also 1/18 and 1/32, and put them in scenarios for the purpose of making them seem as real as possible. Even experienced pro photographers have been fooled at first glance. Just about all of them can be identified as models after a close inspection, but at first sight most people will think they are real. This is the fun and challenge of this category that I still enjoy to this day. Photographing static yet movable objects like scale models can teach you a lot about the art of photography; it forces you to think out of the box and use the environment around you to your advantage. It can teach you a lot about composition, one of the most difficult and important aspects to photography. Since the goal is to convince the viewer the vehicle is life size placement is crucial; ordinary lawn grass will look much larger alongside the model hence it will give it away as not being life sized and kill the photo.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15501641: Fascinating Faces        slide show (37)
In this gallery I use portraits from the past and add a creative touch in order to further compliment the subject.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15495864: The Art of Photography        slide show (54)
This is basically a hodge podge category where good shots worthy of admission to this site but not in any one particular category.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15195582: The Streets of Canton        slide show (60)
Street photography can be done in a number of ways and taken in several different directions; I started out shooting from the hip as I was too shy and reserved to actually point at a subject. As I grew ever bolder I started taking a more direct approach and the quality improvement was substantial. Some street photographers do not mind if their subject is aware they are having their photo taken; personally I prefer a street shot be as natural as possible as no one acts the same when they do not know they are having their picture as opposed to when they do.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15230581: The Stores of Canton        slide show (36)
Here I take street photography indoors and focus on one of the most basic tasks we all do, shopping. Whether it be local convenience stores, supermarkets, or shopping malls, this sub-category captures people out and about shopping for food, clothing, and everything in between.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15484984: Autumn in Ohio 2017        slide show (60)
Oh those colors, those gorgeous irresistible colors. You can have the cold of the fall, but I do so love the imagery.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15514614: Old West Photography        slide show (15)
In this group, I used photos from the McKinley Museum here in Canton, Ohio, which sports a sort of old western theme, for these retro blast from the past photos.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15495495: Petite Beasts        slide show (22)
With these mini model wildlife creatures my intent is the same with the diecast models; putting these animals in as realistic surroundings as possible.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15451393: Oneisha shoot at Gervasi        slide show (29)
One of my favorite subjects; Oneisha, an aspiring model, and I went to the very picturesque Gervasi winery & Vineyard for a fun photo shoot.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15472126: Faces of Canton @ Downtown Canton Flea ...        slide show (29)
I had a really terrific time there; lots of people of all shapes, sizes, varieties, and personalities; like a kid in a candy store :)

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15447740: The 2017 Stark County Fair        slide show (59)
Some go for rides, others go for food; I on the other hand go for photos. Always a fun time.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15456135: Faces of Canton @ World Peace Day / Chalk ...        slide show (26)
I had no idea this was happening on the morning of the 21st of September 2017. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many people in one place. After shooting a couple young ladies more and more kids came up to ME and asked me to take their photo; it seemed like an endless convoy for a while lol If only it was always that easy. Only downside is with all the chaos major distractions were everywhere, so I had to do some fancy editing in post processing to try and tone them down.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15431905: Hall of Fame Portraits        slide show (35)
All of these photos were taken on the grounds of the Pro Football Hall of Fame here in Canton.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15433467: The 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade        slide show (29)
The annual tradition here in Canton celebrating the birthplace of American football continued and I was there with my trusty d750.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15333031: Winter in Ohio 2017        slide show (32)
So far we have been pretty lucky here in Northeast Ohio; snow has been relatively scarce as the season so far has featured more than the dreaded white stuff. However, on the morning of March 10 we were on our way to the store, just the night before we received a couple inches of sticky snow which decorated the trees like something out of a Thomas Kinkade postcard. These are mostly shots of Stadium and Monument Park here in Canton, Ohio.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15221145: Stark County Fair 2016        slide show (22)
These were all taken at the County Fair here in Stark County Ohio. I try and go there every year but this is the first year I incorporated my Faces of Canton series into my shots; makes it much more interesting to add a human element to a fun happy go lucky atmosphere. Anyone can take photos of the Merry Go Round or other rides, but adding a human touch makes these fair photos stand out to me.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15365627: Oneisha Shoot        slide show (10)
I had a fun shoot with this sweet little girl; we went to Stadium Park here in town and had some fun.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15370090: Oddmall Fair        slide show (36)
It was some good old fun in the Hall of Fame city as people from all over descended upon Canton for food, games, and some serious costumes. Thankfully I had my camera with me for at least part of it. It was a very nice time

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15436460: Scenic Shots        slide show (26)
Just nice relaxing, eye-catching photos of various places around town :)

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15290621: The Fall of Mellett Mall        slide show (45)
What was once a vibrant and busy shopping mall is now a rotted decaying shell. This is a scenario that is playing out all over the nation as Americas' shopping habits have dramatically changed as the internet has emerged as a dominant force.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15387872: The Abandoned Lehman Middle School        slide show (37)
This was the school I went to back in the day; now it is just an asbestos ridden dilapidated rotting shell, but perfect for some creepy photos.

© chris s howard PhotoID# 15442118: Stadium Park Construction Site        slide show (11)
Half the park is one big apocalyptic disaster area as 12th st is undergoing a major renovation which is expected to last until February.

Prices        slide show (2)
Here are the prices for both individual photos as well as package deals I offer; if you have any questions feel free to message me. :)

Testimonials        slide show (11)
It's always an honor when I hear that a client of mine is pleased with the work I've done; and when people take the time to express their pleasure publicly it makes it all the more rewarding. So here are just a few select testimonials from people whose portrait I have taken.

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